Metadata++ v2.05.2
(06-05-2024 - freeware)

Welcome to Metadata++, your free metadata manager for Windows! Metadata++ is designed to help you efficiently manage and organize your digital files by handling metadata. Whether you're dealing with photos, documents, videos, or other types of files, our tool allows you to edit, view, modify and search metadata with ease.

Key Features:

  • Edit Metadata: Modify and update metadata information such as author, title, keywords, and more.
  • View Metadata: Quickly view metadata details of your files to understand their properties and attributes.
  • Search Functionality: Easily search through your files using metadata to find exactly what you need.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to manage their metadata without any hassle.

Designed specifically for the Windows platform, Metadata++ integrates seamlessly with your operating system, providing a smooth and efficient experience. Say goodbye to the clutter and disorganization of your digital files – our software ensures that your metadata is well-managed and easily accessible.

Best of all, Metadata++ is completely free! Try our free Metadata Manager for Windows today and take control of your digital library!

Powered by Leading Technologies:

ExifTool: Used for handling metadata in various file formats, ensuring accurate and comprehensive metadata management.
Metadata++ is a shell for ExifTool, offering a user-friendly interface to its powerful features, and much more.
ExifTool freeware by Phil Harvey
FFmpeg: Provides support for processing audio and video files, enabling Metadata++ to handle a wide range of multimedia content.
FFmpeg freeware by Fabrice Bellard
MUTool: Utilized for efficient metadata extraction and manipulation, enhancing the performance and functionality of Metadata++.
MUTool freeware by Artifex Software
Magick: Utilized to display some image formats.
Magick freeware by ImageMagick Studio LLC

Metadata++ Main Screenshot

Metadata++ Main Screenshot

Metadata++ is Windows 10 Compatible Metadata++ is Windows 11 Compatible